New Maps & New Downloads

September 1, 2019

New Maps are being integrated into the series!

 As we come to the final close on the video production series on Ancient Egypt, we have created new maps that provide an all-new look. 


In the next month we will be releasing updated versions of the 25 episodes on Ancient Egypt. Episode segments will also be available highlighting the detailed sections for those truly studying this material. 




Each Dynasty is covered and 40 maps are available that provide a detailed account on Ancient Egypt's political organization throughout its 3,000 years!



Two versions are available...


The DW Maps, which are used throughout the video series, can be purchased at $15.00 each (Educational License). Patrons of Patreon can download these maps at a cheaper rate by supporting the required tier.


Patreon Maps, which are used on our study guides and PDF Publications, are available for download to those that support this project.




DW Maps are available for purchase here:       


All Maps can be downloaded here:


Currently in production is an Ancient Egypt PDF publication that provides a detailed account of everything that was covered in this series, (and the more detailed Podcast Series) along with maps, diagrams, and photographs that make this material easy to follow.


More info will be available as the project nears a completion date.


Stay tuned for more information!




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