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Book Review - The Oxford History of Ancient Egypt - Ian Shaw

Updated: Jun 19, 2021


If you want the most comprehensive, scholarly book published on Ancient Egypt, then look no further. You have found it! This Oxford History of Ancient Egypt takes you from the Neolithic Period to its conquest by the Roman Empire.

Written by 13 leading scholars in the world of Egyptology and edited by the leading author, Dr. Ian Shaw, this publication is the only single work to cover 700,000 years of Ancient Egyptian History.

A review by the Northern Echo reports that, “While Egyptologists will have a field day, the casual reader will find plenty to arouse their interest, ranging from the story of the world's first strike... to the revelation that Scotland Yard possesses a print taken from the hand of a mummy.”

With over a hundred beautiful illustrations and over 500 pages, this book includes the first examinations of the Intermediate Periods. It is the most complete history book on the topic and is a 'Must Read' for anyone seriously studying the Egyptian civilization. Although meant for advanced students, it is accessible to the general readers with an interest in the field.


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