BOOK REVIEW - The Complete Temples of Ancient Egypt - Richard H. Wilkinson

Updated: Jun 19

A fully illustrated survey of Egypt’s temples, covering the secret rites and architectural wonders of these powerful and mysterious monuments from early pharaonic times to the Roman period

The temples of ancient Egypt include the largest and perhaps most impressive religious monuments the world has ever known. Mansions of the gods, models of Egypt and of the universe, focal points of worship, great treasure houses and islands of order in a cosmic sea of chaos - the temples were all these things and more.

Now available for the first time in paperback, The Complete Temples of Ancient Egypt traces their development from the earliest times, looking at every aspect of their construction, decoration, symbolism, and function. All of Egypt’s surviving temples are examined in depth with superb illustrations - from the gargantuan temple of Amun at Karnak to minuscule shrines such as the oasis Oracle of Siwa, where Alexander went to hear himself proclaimed god.

Full of extensive maps and diagrams, this publication resembles the book by Mark Lehner entitled, The Complete Pyramids. You should not own one without the other, as they compliment each other for a total picture of Ancient Egyptian architecture. These works have been a 'must have' for high school and college libraries throughout the world, and continue enlighten Egyptologists and scholars alike.

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