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Book Review - The Complete Pyramids - Mark Lehner

Updated: Jun 19, 2021


If you own only one book on Ancient Egypt, then this should be it! The Complete Pyramids by Mark Lehner is the most comprehensive publication ever created on the pyramids and is packed with the most detailed information about each structure.

Written in 1997, this publication has become the number one resource for Egyptologists and scholars who report it as a 'must have' for any publication library. This book begins with the early grave sites of the Predynastic Era and ends with a brief survey of current pyramid structures of the 20th Century. Again, there is no other book available that provides such detail on Egyptian Pyramid and tomb construction.

For centuries the pyramids have inspired passionate theories about their origins, purpose and method of construction. In this fully work on the major pyramids of Ancient Egypt, the author surveys the history, building and use of the pyramids. He examines both the practicalities and logistics of their construction and their conceptual aspects - their cosmology and iconography and their intriguing texts.

Other features include accounts of the latest discoveries by international teams working on the pyramids; discussion of the latest theories; chronology and history of Egypt and the pyramids; maps and site plans; a guide to visiting; computer generated perspective views of the interior of the pyramids; and quotations from ancient texts, early explorers and archaeologists.

This book contains diagrams of every pyramid, along with hundreds of beautifully colored photographs. It is written in easy to understand language and is a great reference to anyone even remotely interested in the topic.


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