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Book Review - The Chronicle of the Queens of Egypt - Joyce Tyldesley

Updated: Jun 19, 2021


The best and most complete book on these famous women is the publication Chronicle of the Queens of Egypt, by Joce Tyldesley. This work details the lives of great queens like Hatshepsut, Twosret, and Cleopatra who ruled the country as Pharaoh. Their power exceeded kings from other nations and they became legends to the women who were repressed in the societies around them.

This book presents a biographical portrait of every queen while revealing their family tree and genealogical background. Supported by 273 illustrations in 224 pages, this tells the stories of those usually forgotten in the history books.

This publication follows the historical Egyptian Timeline in detail from King Narmer to Queen Cleopatra, spanning 3,000 years. This structural layout is easy to follow and is a wonderful reference to anyone wishing to study a specific Queen.

The companion book, Chronicle of the Pharaohs, by Peter Clayton, completes this work and should be read by anyone seriously studying this topic. After reading Chronicle of the Queens of Egypt, you will understand the power and influence these women had on the Pharaohs, which sometimes concluded in deadly consequences!

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