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Book Review - Chronicle of the Pharaohs - Peter Clayton

Updated: Jun 19, 2021


Ancient Egyptian History can be difficult to follow for those studying this culture for the first time. It is important to read a book that provides detailed information, but has a structural layout that is easy to follow. Most scholarly publications expect the reader to already have a firm foundation on the basic timeline, and most bombard the reader with archaeological research that often confuses and travels off topic.

The number one book for anyone studying this culture is the Chronicle of the Pharaohs, by Peter Clayton. This easy to follow book presents the rulers and dynasties of Egypt in chronological order. The writer reveals biographical portraits of each Pharaoh while presenting a visual introduction on the tombs and temples they constructed.

Peter A. Clayton is a world renown archaeologist who has a talent in making the ancient world of the Egypt come alive. He follows the Pharaohs from Narmer to Cleopatra, presenting 170 Egyptian kings during the 3,000 years of Egyptian History! This publication contains 224 pages that are packed with 350 illustrations. This is an essential work of reference and no library is complete without this book.

Noted as “an entertaining overview of an extraordinary civilization” by the Biblical Archaeology Review, you can click the link below for more information from Amazon.

Here are all the rulers and dynasties of Egypt presented in chronological order, from Narmer, who first united the lands along the Nile, to Cleopatra some 3,000 years later. The biographical portraits of each pharaoh form a comprehensive and immensely readable history of ancient Egypt, brought to life through the exploits and personalities of its rulers.

We see how individual pharaohs helped to shape Egyptian civilization and were shaped by it themselves. The rich illustrative material includes timelines and specially drawn cartouches of each pharaoh with translations of their names.

The book is at once an accessible history, an essential work of reference, and a visual introduction to this always fascinating ancient civilization.

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