Ancient Egypt - Sneferu's Bent & Red Pyramids

Pharaoh Sneferu, the first king of the Fourth Dynasty, completed the

Meydum Pyramid, and constructed the Bent and Red Pyramids in Dahshur.

The Bent Pyramid

Sneferu most likely completed Huni's pyramid and began work on his own at a new site at Dahshur, 28 miles north of Meydum. Why he changed locations is unknown, but he would build two pyramids at this location and be followed by several kings of the later 12th Dynasty. His first pyramid, called the Bent Pyramid, began at 54 degrees, like Huni's pyramid. However, the corners of the pyramid were built on unstable ground, and structural changes had to be made to 43 degrees. This would give the pyramid it's bent look and cause numerous issues inside. Large cedar beams had to be brought in to brace the collapsing walls, which were shifting inward, and this pyramid was, therefore, abandoned.