Ancient Egypt - Pharaoh Ramesses III

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

The last of the great pharaohs of Egypt, Ramesses III consolidated his position and continued his father's efforts to stabilize the country. There were no problems in Nubia, since that had now more or less achieved, again, the status of a subdued colony. The outside world of the Mediterranean was a different story. This was the times of the Greek Dark Ages which were experiencing the Trojan War, the Fall of Mycenae, and a great surge of displaced people seeking new lands. A tidal wave of foreign invaders was about to break upon the shores of Egypt.

The first sign of trouble came in Year 5 with an attack from the West. The Libyans invaded and attempted to force their way into the fertile lands of the Western Delta. The Egyptian army responded and managed to annihilate them. However, in Year 8, a more serious invasion was attempted by the Sea Peoples. They had returned from their earlier attempt involving Ramesses II and had since organized into a confederation. These people were sufficiently desperate and well armed enough to have destroyed the mighty Hittite Empire. After waiting a while in Syria, they were now moving south toward Egypt, who took them very seriously. These invasions were not just military operations, but movem