Ancient Egypt - Pharaoh Psammetichus II

Updated: Feb 10

Psammetichus II would rule for only six years. During that time he led an expedition into Nubia in 592 B.C., marching as far south as the Third Cataract. This was the first confrontation between Egypt and Nubia since the reign of Tanutamun and was likely initiated to destroy any future aspirations the Nubians may have had to reconquer Egypt.

The Egyptian army advanced to Kerma and the capital city of Napata in a series of fierce battles, where they looted its temples and destroyed the royal Kushite statues. As a result, the Nubians decided to shift their capital further south from Napata to the city of Meroe. Curiously, Psammetichus II did not capitalize on his victory. His troops retreated back to the First Cataract, and Elephantine continued to be the southern border of Egypt.