Ancient Egypt - Pharaoh Pepi II

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

The kingship passed on to Merenre's 6-year-old son, Pepi II. We are unsure if he ruled 64 years or 94 years, but either way, his long reign was a possible reason for the Old Kingdom collapse. If he lived to be perhaps 98 years old, as the reign of 94 years would place, he might have been too feeble to properly rule Egypt. Remember that the pharaoh was the physical leader of Egypt. He was in charge of the military, the head of the army. If he did reign for 94 years, he would be the longest ruling monarch in the history of the world!

The Pyramid of Pepi II

Surprisingly, Pepi II's pyramid was no larger than those of his predecessors, despite the many years in power. An interesting feature is that after the north chapel and the wall was completed, the builders tore down these structures and enlarged the base of the pyramid. A band of brickwork reaching to the height of the perimeter wall was then added to the pyramid. The purpose of this band is not known.

The burial chamber had a gabled ceiling covered by painted stars. Two of the walls consisted of large granite slabs. The