Ancient Egypt - Pharaoh Amenhotep II

Updated: Feb 10

The Napoleon of Egypt was succeeded by his son, Amenhotep II, who had to

immediately deal with an uprising in the Levant. This revolt most likely included the Mediterranean sea ports causing Amenhotep II to advance the army by land. He moved into Northern Palestine and fought his way across the Orontes River in Syria.

The king was well known for his physical prowess and was said to have single handedly killed 7 rebel princes at Kadesh, which successfully ended his first Syrian campaign. From stele left by the king at the temples at Aswan and Amada, we learn that the 7 captured princes were sacrificed to Amun and then hung face down on the prow his ship. Six of them were subsequently hung on the enclosure wall of the tomb at Thebes, while the seventh was taken south to Nubia and hung on the walls of Napata,

'In order to cause to be seen the victorious might of his Majesty