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Welcome to the DW World History Series... Narrator David Wainright says that at the beginning of each of the videos, but what is the DW World History Series?


This is a series that takes viewers through the timeline of World History, one civilization at a time. Together we explore the rise and fall of of the great empires and reveal how men and women shaped the world we know today.


We begin with a series on Ancient Egypt that takes viewers through the 3,000 year timeline of the oldest and most mysterious culture on the planet. Become a scholar and join our list of members on this site.. FREE! You can also join by subscribing to our Youtube Channel while following us on Facebook, Patreon, and Parler!

Our goal is provide the best lectures, best video content, and the best Podcasts - in order to enlighten and entertain! Through this, we provide great study material that include episode outlines and PDF publications. We also love maps! Here at DW World History, we produce some of the most beautiful maps you will find. We have two versions - maps free to our Patreon supporters, and more artistically created maps available for purchase through our website, both of which can be obtained through the specific Patreon tiers.


Throughout the years to come we will be producing the best historical content you can find. We will take you through the Ancient Egyptians, the Ancient Near East, Biblical Israel, the Ancient Greeks, Romans, and beyond.. ending in current modern times. 


Join us through on this production and become a subscribing member! Its free! Just like us on Facebook and subscribe to our Youtube Channel. Also join our mailing list where we update you on the status of this project at the beginning of every month. Those of you wishing to delve further into our material can become patrons of Patreon and gain exclusive access to top quality material.



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